SDGs Group Presents #stayAlive Campaign.

Charity, they say, begins at home. For this reason, the SDGs NYSC CDS group have put together a sensitization programme tagged “Stay Alive”.


The sensitization will come up on Thursday, 15th June, 2017 at the NYSC Secretariat during the general meeting for the month of June. We shall be examining some of the things that we consume as youths, and their effects on the body, particularly as it concerns maintaining sound health.

It promises to be educating and fun.

Stay Alive…

Stay alive to live the life that you desire

Stay Alive to live your dreams

Stay Alive for those who love you

Coz they need you in their lives

When someone dies

They don’t die alone

They leave a void in the hearts of families, friends and loved ones

Stay Alive to see the World that you yearn for

Stay Alive to make this world a better place coz you were here